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Fanart (TLOTFK): living dead ghoul
Original: monitor friend holding a candle
Original/Self-portrait: kinda. sketchbook marker rough
Artfight: Attack for KadeClay
Artfight: Attack for windmagecos
Artfight: Attack for scwibbs
Self-portrait/Sona: glitter edit of my artfight avi
OC/Ref: my vampire aloys
Fanart (Blaseball)/Art trade: jaylen and chorby are hanging out :)
my piece for the summer solstice art exchange
Fanart (Blaseball)/Album Art: RIV sparks beans, we miss you
Personal art: silly rendition of dearest boyfriend
Personal art/Dungeons and Dragons: Acheron, the living spellcasting focus.
Personal art/Self-portrait: new twitter pinned info
Fanart (Blaseball): kichi and tot comfort each other
Fanart (Blaseball): "break ground, i'd move heaven and earth for you"
Fanart (TLOTFK): "you are no better than me / you are no better than me / you are no better than me"
Fanart (Blaseball): tot & luis for the soul
Fanart (Homestuck)/Zine: YEAH DAWGG
Personal art/Self-portrait: i have to be the most alt person at the boba shop
Photomanip/Design: swept elsewhere
Fanart (Blaseball): "my name is sparks, and this bean's for you" 💜💛
Fanart (Blaseball): blaseball-sona!
Fanart (Homestuck): rainbow drinker porrim
Fanart (Blaseball)/Photomanip/Design: park it!
Fanart (MCR): gerard way vertical stripe my beloved
Fanart (TLOTFK): show pwny
Fanart (TLOTFK:NA): "you can watch them stab me on your television"
Fanart (TLOTFK:NA): Focus on that pain. Turn it into power.