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♡ hi this is me!!! ♡

hi i'm glitch!! i am an artist and web enthusiast using this site as a way of teaching myself html. i work on a fan webcomic called OasisQuest. i am 21 years old and i use they/them pronouns. i'm studying graphic design in college! i plan on hosting some of my art here, cool sites i like, and maybe do some blogging here too.

"I am a living thing, I am not a human being... But I'm alive!"

~ hello ~

oh hi!

how's it going. didn't see ya there!

site to-do list

  • overhaul gallery page
  • make an interests page + subpages
  • make some Content
  • reorganize some internal stuff

site changelog

09/24/2019 - HIIIII! i didn't have the time to build the Thing i alluded to in my last update, but i did put up some nice decorations for my OVER NINE THOUSAND milestone. x3
the brand new INTERESTS PAGE exists!!! that's going to be a forever WIP, since I like a lot of things. i put some music on there for now, but i'll tinker with it and add to it every now and then. enjoy!

07/31/2001 - there's a button on my about page that shows you a lil selfie of mine now. :3 check that out!
also, thank you for 7000+ VIEWS!!!! i'm always amazed by the traffic I manage to get between updates. thank you!
i should do something special for [REDACTED NUMBER].... (thinking emoji)

07/10/2019 - added some new BUTTONS off to the side if you look!!! check out the snazzy n2 one :3c
i cleared off most instances of the old hitcounter that broke (there might still be a few)
i have some Content planned I just gotta..... make it...... and i've been doing art but I don't want to upload it here until I have a better look for my gallery page o_o soon!!! soon. it's on my twitter in the meantime

06/17/2019 - hello, first changelog entry! complete overhaul of the home page! complete with iframe navbar, a BUNCH of peoples' buttons (let me know if you want me to add yours!), this new section... more to come, I'm sure!
i guess i'll just change the updates page to a general sort of journal, now that I have this here!! Life Updates rather than Site Updates.

AND i have a ko-fi button now!!! i finally have a functioning bank account so that's cool

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