hello and welcome to the m4g3's lair.
i’m glitch, the t4t robotic gentlethem that passes for a webmaster around here. i’m emo again but it’s better this time because i’m the right gender and i’m not scared of makeup anymore. i live in days-old messy eyeliner and i really like men. i like old web aesthetics, and am slowly but surely trying to channel the vibes of my 2009 deviantArt account into my current artwork. and this site.

the image in the upper right is me! :3 i'm having my own emo revival in the 2020s, which is why this site is so red and black. cringe is dead, MCR is back, and I cannot be killed. i'll leave the rest for my about page. enjoy your stay!

oh, and please...

status update:

[09/12/2021, 7:38 PM] - did you know that watermelon and balsamic vinaigrette are really good together? also, new blog post!

most recent art of note:

monitor friend :)

meme of the week and/or update:

not really a meme, but look at this. i'm copying music off my zune, moving it to winamp on my laptop, playing that through my boombox. and you can't see this, but it's with the intent to use the boombox to record what i'm playing to a cassette tape. this is normal 🖤

last updated:

~ 09/12/2021 ~
(not counting status updates)

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site to-do list

  • everything
  • redo interests main page done, need to add more subpages now (collection, music, homestuck, etc)
  • update cool sites (ongoing always but i should look at it all again)
  • build the real e-shrine pages
  • reorganize some internal stuff *YAWWWNNN*

thank you all SOOOOO much for the 50,000+ pageviews!! 🖤