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05/22/2020 - oh wow, this lil ole site... passed 20,000 hits!!!

thank you so much!! i never thought my lil personal site would get so many pageviews but.... :') it means a lot. i have a lot of fun working on this site, so.

05/18/2020 - ah yes, the yearly day-of-editing-my-bios-everywhere! happy birthday to me! i'm 22 now. woooooooooooooooo! i don't have much to say because birthdays are weird. i still have class today so i'll be doing that in an hour. The Party(tm) is coming over later for some (safe!) festivities and I was so excited at the thought of meatspace interaction with people that aren't my family for the first time in months that I couldn't sleep. woke up to rain which is nice, for me. i'll get some new art uploaded here later. peace.

05/05/2020 - new homestuck art for homestuck zines coming eventually. check me out in 3UPHOR14 and Zinobiology when those come out! will share here when allowed to.
been super depressed and lethargic because dysphoria. super sucks, haven't been getting shit done. it'll pass though. had some cake today which was nice. been playing like, SO much borderlands 3 because I have the time to and it's a good distraction. finished the main story! still don't think [SPOILER] should've happened but c'est la vie. gonna start the DLCs tonight if I feel up to it.
i keep forgetting to change the meme of the week when the week changes. i should set a reminder on my phone.

04/27/2020 - spent a whole day painting vampire mikey way. figured out a better way to lay out my art gallery page than just... using an increasingly long transparent pixel and stretching it. hint: invisble table. heh. my body's kinda sore today. probably would be helped by moving and not being hyperfocused on a single art piece for several hours at once.

04/25/2020 - woo hi!! i am TRYING to be productive while home-stuck. i have been practicing bass guitar, coding, working on another patch jacket.... ngl i'm Struggling a bit because the global situation and the way its impacting my own life isn't doing my mental health any favors, but I'm doin my best to cope by still Doing Things. online school is not a good fit for my adhd ass so I will probably drop 2 of my 3 classes... sigh. oh well! i voicechat with my boyf + friends almost every day and i have animal crossing and emo music to get me through it.
oh i made a friendproject page, if you wanna check that out. :3

04/09/2020 - wow look we're live!!!! this only took me like a week and that was mostly procrastination. woo! anyway hope you like the new look :)

04/05/2020 - when this goes up, it'll already be old! i'm blogging here during the development of this new site layout. it's looking cool so far! i'm pleased with it. :D

my work on the MCRV site has kind of inspired/emboldened me to make my own site a lot more cohesive and organized than it was. it's a bit tough to strike a balance between that and the vibe and aesthetic I want this site to have, but i think embracing the emo/blingee/myspace/deviantART feel is working out.

building a template right off the bat is helping a lot too. each page in the first couple iterations of this site was pretty much its own event, usually either put together from scratch or frankensteined together from previously written code.

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