THE M4G3'S LAIR ~ My Collection


here is where i'm gonna share some stuff that i have that i think is neat with you! it's mostly tech right now, but that's not all its gonna be.

Dream Machine

Model: Sony ICF-C2W Dream Machine FM/AM Digital Clock Radio

OK this is my first old-ish radio purhchase. i BEGGED my folks for this one. i needed a clock for my room, and i can't stand the ticking of analog clocks, and i needed an alarm i would actually wake up to, and i wanted a radio, and it was only like 12 bucks at the goodwill we were already at, and and and.
so this little guy is from 1988. it's pretty much pristine and in perfect working order. i think it was a display model because it wasn't boxed, but it does still have that little orange label sticker on the front. it was preowned, but not really used, yknow?
anyway i took it home and it's great. does exactly what it says. the signal fuzzes out if i have anything else drawing power from the same extention cord as it, but that's not a huge deal.

Sanyo Boombox

Model: Sanyo MW 719 Stereo Radio Double Cassette Recorder

so this bad boy is currently the only functional way i can play cassettes. (we have a little walkman that if we can manage to fix i'll upload here.) i got this boombox for EIGHT DOLLARS at the goodwill walking distance from ben's place, and yeah, i walked back lugging this guy with me. eight dollars. no way. we tested it in-store and determined the radio part worked at least, but one of the speakers sounded a little touchy. when i got it back home and got (so many) d cells into it, walking around the house with it felt SO COOL. i finally had something i could listen to my beastie boys check ya head tape on again.
i cleaned it up, turns out the speaker is only touchy at low volumes (and it switches which speaker depending on whether it's on AC/DC). put a bunch of stickers on it. got some blank tapes and made myself a fun little bootleg of an album. turns out i can jack my zune into it and record to cassette directly off that, so i am gonna make hella mixtapes.
or i would, if any of my friends had cassette players.


Current count: 19

my meager but eclectic cassette collection so far!
some of these i bought, one was a gift, a few inherited. NOT pictured are my DD/TMGAMK bootleg and the Adam Ant: Friend or Foe cassette that my beloved got for me and currently still has. now pictured: those, and plenty more! the cassingle in the bottom right is a little hard to see, it's billy idol white wedding/dancing with myself. i'm always on the lookout for more but i am kind of picky i guess. but also open-minded. maybe "selective" is the better word...


Model: First Generation Zune (brown/green)

ahh! my beloved zune. i got this in 2012, but it's a few years older than that i understand. some shithead at my middle school stole my ipod, and this was my replacement. sure, it's a brick, and the screen is a bit broken, but i still use this thing to this day. i love it. it's got games on there. i wonder if the local social features work? i've never met another zune user in person to check.

GE Radio

Model: General Electric 7-2582G

another goodwill-by-bf's-house epic deal. the tuner label is gone which is sad because it looked really cool, but it works like a dream. the "style" of the tuning indicator is sooo cool too, and the orange is really bright. i like to take this guy with me when i'm going to the park or anything nature-y. it just feels appropriate


Model: HP Slate 500 (Windows 7)

a pen tablet from like. 2010?? i used this in the 9th grade to take notes in a cooler way than just on paper. unfortunately i can't remember the password, so i can't access any of the files... would be a fun time capsule. i wanna use it again, but i don't wanna wipe it :(

Chemion Glasses

Model: Chemion Original

cool programmable light glasses. i wore these to one of my finals once, it was cool. i need to go to raves and EDM shows to justify owning these, hahaha.

Sony TV

Model: Sony TV-790

i got this at a thrift store in palm springs. my lovely qpp dori said if it worked, they would buy it for me. and it works! and it's a portable i think? i don't get any channels out here but the static is cool. :P


sega gamegear! got this at a used toy store. it works 0_0 and i have an xmen game, a terminator game, and a sonic game. its clunky but i love this thing. screen's a bit fucky but its def still playable.


AKA: iPenguin

i've had this guy probably since it came out (2006??) and i love him. i don't have my pink flowers iDog anymore but i DO have this guy. and i love him. he is so loud and so irritable. he is a crappy speaker but he is MY crappy speaker. i love robotic pets. this the i-Cy barely counts, but i don't have an aibo (YET!!) so.



why do i have this? carpe diem :)


Name: Foggy

cat who was judging me for taking pictures. this is my revenge

more coming eventually!!